Escape to the Beach with MyTag!

June 20, 2019

It's that time of year .... cold, wet, wintery ... definitely time to think about a winter beach holiday!


Whether its Queensland, Bali or somewhere even more exotic, you want to relax, not worry about where your important stuff is... 


We recently went to Nobbys Beach (QLD).    But before we could relax we had our keys, Coco the dog, Byron (11) and our two iPhones to worry about.  So, to "lose our stress", we popped a MyTag Sport onto each of them (well on Byron's surfboard, not him!).  


It was awesome -  we could relax - no checking if Coco has wandered or Byron has sneaked off into the water without telling us!   Our MyTag Sports simply rang our phone if they got too far away!


And after over half an hour surfing, Byrons MyTag was still working fine - a great test of the MyTag Sport waterproofing. 


Check out our photos and video.


Take your MyTags on your next beach trip - and lose your stress .... not your keys, dog, kids and phones !!! 




Happy Sunbathing !! 


The MyTag Team



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