MyTag Tropical Storm Test!

October 23, 2018

So are MyTag Sports really waterproof? 


To find out last week we hiked out to the waterfalls at Springbrook, QLD in the middle of a massive tropical storm!


The rain pounding and the famous waterfalls in full flood - an incredible sight - but would our MyTag Sport be up to it? 


Jacci bravely got herself as close into the Twin Falls deluge as she could - the water hammering onto her MyTag Sport as the spray engulfed her ... and BAM ... the force of the water smashed the MyTag out of her hand and down into the rocks ...



After rescuing her MyTag from its watery grave it was time for the moment of truth .... 


And YES - Jacci's MyTag Sport came through with flying colours, chirping happily when called. 


We now have definitive proof that Jacci isn't water resistant - but her MyTag Sport definitely is !!



MyTag Sport - lose your stress, not your keys ... no matter where you are !!!











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