MyTag Sport - waterproof, twice the range, twice as loud...

July 14, 2018

We are really excited to launch MyTag Sport!


MyTag (now called MyTag Classic) has been a roaring success, with thousands of customers now across Australia.  


But some of our customers also needed a tough, fully waterproof MyTag that was extra loud and had twice the range outdoors.  Outdoor professionals & sports enthusiasts were particularly keen to get something super reliable and ultra tough.  


After much design work and electronics fine tuning we finally created MyTag Sport!


MyTag Sport is IP67 Waterproof.  That means it can sit in water 1 metre deep for 30 minutes and still come up chirping happily.  Designing waterproof products with speakers and replaceable batteries is HARD. But with careful attention to silicon seals and quality components we achieved an awesome design. 


To get extra range we increased the power settings on the bluetooth chipset, and to provide that extra power we upped the battery from a CR2016 to a CR2032 - just a bit bigger and thicker, but with twice the power capacity.  I have personally tested MyTag Sport outdoors and got to 80 metres before it disconnected from my iPhone 7. 


Finally, with a larger speaker and the larger battery we achieve twice the alert volume, with a peak at 93 decibels. If you have trouble hearing quieter sounds this will be a big help. 


We have managed to still fit all this techology into a remarkably small package. At just 12 grams and 38mm diameter, you still hardly notice it on your key ring or in your pocket.  


Production costs have gone up with all the additional design elements and sealing, but we have kept the retail price down to just $39 including postage.  To celebrate the launch, for a limited time, if you buy 2 you get 1 Free. 


We are delighted by MyTag Sport - we know you will be too!



All the best


Lee, Jacci, Jazz & the MyTag Team!













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